With the recent spike in technology are casinos jumping on the bandwagon and moving online

Technology is consistently evolving, and with the boom of the internet over the last 25 years, and even more recently, the rise in smartphones, land based casinos are beginning to move online. Bricks and mortar casinos were hit hard by the 2008 recession, as more people were looking to stay at home rather than spending their money on a night out, and on top of this, government taxes increased which led to a number of betting shops and even casinos to shut down. There are now a number of casinos online, and you can read a review of them on Best Deal Casinos.

Rise of The Internet

When computer scientist Tim VBerners0Lee invented the World Wide Web, which became commercially available in 1991, there was a huge excitement drawn to this new form of communication. Since then, many stores, individual shops, restaurants, take-aways and more moved to the online market, in order to gain the attention of millennials, who grew up with the internet in tow. With the 2008 recession and higher taxes being demanded, many bricks and mortar casinos ended up closing, and tried to find alternative ways to reach a new demographic of people to keep their businesses rolling in the UK. The first online casino was created in 1994, as online transactions became viable and new legislation allowed online operations to begin. Since then, more and more online casinos have appeared, and now the market for them is huge.

From sites that focus solely on slot machines, to sites that have a wide range of games available all in one place, online casinos are everywhere – from big brand names to small, independent casinos. On top of this, security when it comes to transactions have evolved to be as secure as ever, and this has led to more people beginning to trust these sites. Millennial needs have also changed the face of the gambling industry, and as they have grown up with the internet, many have an expectation that what they can find in reality, should also be found on the internet.

Less people are wanting to go out in order to spend money, and many men and women are looking at ways they can stay at home, yet still experience the thrill of a night out. This is why many casinos are jumping on the bandwagon and moving online. However, there has also been a demand for gambling on the go.

Smartphone Boom

The rise of the smartphone since the first iPhone in 2007, has led to a number of games and casinos being available online. Although many online casinos can offer a huge range of games for people to play at home, there’s a number of people that want to play on the go. More and more people are beginning to rely on their mobile phones and use them on a daily basis. According to a recent report by the UK Gambling Commission (as of 2013) 4.5 million people in the UK are already using smartphones to gamble on the go, and since then numbers have risen. The mobile market is dominated by a number of big brands, and with smartphones being able to run high-quality games smoothly, there’s been little to no difference between playing online on a PC or on their mobile.

With smartphone gambling becoming the quickest and easiest way to play or make a bet, many insiders have tipped mobile to quickly overcome PC gaming – leading to many online sites optimising their browsers for mobiles and creating gambling apps for even easier use. With the widespread availability of WiFi and mobile data, smartphone gambling is the easiest way to play.

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