Where to Go on a Night Out

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The weekend has arrived and the possibilities are endless! You and your friends, family, or loved ones want to make the most of the free time and treat yourselves to a night out on the town. But where to go? Those endless possibilities are phenomenal, but figuring out what the best option is seems like such hard work after a long, exhausting week. So where to start? Follow these suggestions to make the most of a great night out!

It’s always fun to start your night out with a cocktail or some delicious appetizers at a venue nearby. If you have children, opt for a family friendly restaurant with a child’s menu. The best way to determine which restaurants offer meals for individuals with dietary restrictions is through Groupon Pages, an awesome extension of Groupon that highlights restaurants in your area. Simply enter the type of venue you’re looking for (i.e. French restaurant, child friendly, vegan) and your location (i.e. New York City, Chicago) into the search bar and the results will populate. Each Groupon Page goes into extensive details about the restaurant.

For example, if you’re in Chicago and craving some Italian appetizers and a glass of wine, Angelina Ristorante would probably pop up on your search. The Groupon page lists the address, hours of operation, their phone number, and whether they take reservations (they do!). Important information, such as the price range, whether there’s parking available, the attire, if they deliver, what food options are available (vegetarian, kids menu, and great for groups), whether alcohol is served, and if you can take out are listed. Customers also leave their tips and reviews on the site too! To add a little extra to your night, check out the page for discounts and deals! Just like a regular Groupon, you can purchase the deal ahead of time and cash it in at the venue.

Once you’ve hit up the restaurant of your choice for a cocktail and some appetizers, try utilizing the handy map on the page to scout nearby locations for cocktails or restaurants that turn into dancing bars later in the night! Or look up the location of the movie theater, museum, or festival you’re heading to and see what awesome restaurants are nearby and if they’ll be open for a night cap! The best part of Groupon Pages is that all of the information you need to know is already gathered for you, making your night out easy and as fun as can be! So don’t sweat the planning process any longer, let Groupon Pages figure it out for you! Now go out and have a fantastic evening!

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