TV – Must Have Part Of Every Room In Our House


Few years ago, maybe one decade, watching television was not so frequently performed task. Trends has been mostly in watching local or global news and weather reports. Nowadays we have a flow of different TV shows, entertainment, religious, fashion, beauty, health, sport tv channels available 24/7. Some people became also obsessed with their favourite TV shows or TV channels.

TV became one of the people`s must have things not only in living room, but even in all other parts of house or apartment. Regarding research, average number of television per household is around 3 for USA and still increasing year after year. USA`s average home has more TVs than people. According to USAToday, there has been only 1 TV in the majority of homes in 1975, so there is really big increase in just few years.

The flow of different TV channels is forcing the less known and small providers to provide the TV channels for free or with little money, if they want to exist. The great opportunity for this channels is streaming on internet websites, which is almost free (with little expenses) and widely available for people around the World. You can find many providers with free internet TV channels available 24/7, you just have to Google it. One of the biggest is definitely Live TV HD, where you can find more than 200 channels available separated in different categories, all of them in HD quality and what is the most important: you can watch tv for free! Even though if there is increasing trend in watching online TV (over internet), there is no sign of decreasing number of TVs per household. Fortunately Smart TVs support watching online TV over different websites or running Android apps which offer watching TV channels.

Luckily, prices of TVs are decreasing day by day and there is also bigger base of free online tv providers, so there is not even one sign which would be contrary to the arguments above.

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