Top Reasons to Use a Female Voice Over in Your Marketing

Voice overs are heard every single day, even if most consumers do not readily recognise them for what they are. According to a study by the Department of Psychology at Washington University, adults are more likely to remember words spoken by a familiar voice. For marketing purposes, this is an extremely important fact because using the same voice for branding your product will ensure that more consumers remember your products or services.

Whether you are a small business just getting started or a company getting ready to go global, voice overs can play a key role in spreading your brand. No matter your target audience, the key to remembering something is repetition and familiarity. In short, the more that your clients hear a familiar voice telling them about your product, the more likely they are to think of your product the next time they have a problem the product could solve.


Female voice overs offer a unique benefit over male voice overs, and that is the fact that female voices are often considered more appealing than male voices. Even if your product is specific to men, a female voice has been shown to capture more attention and is more likely to be remembered after just the first time consumers hear it. In short, female voice overs provide greater benefits than male voices, and this should be your first option when considering a voice over for your adverts.

That said, online marketing is still only one part of a company’s marketing audience. Children are more likely to be at home watching TV programs, especially in the morning before and the afternoon after school. The same is true for senior adults and teenagers, although for separate reasons. A quality female voice over supplied by Thurston Day may be just what you need to branch out to these audiences and capture their attention. Clients are more likely to remember your product and its use in their lives when they hear the same voice tell them about it over and over. This is a big reason why so many big companies utilise the same recognisable characters in their commercials.

Brand Recognition

Use a professional voice over talent provided by Thurston Day frequently to build familiarity with potential clients. Scientists at Boston University and UCLA discovered through a recent study that stimuli involving both vision and hearing can be combined to produce faster learning of visual information. When your marketing specialists create a new video, commercial, eLearning video, or any other kind of audiovisual advertisement, you must consider a voice over to maximise its effectiveness. Effective use of the voice over combined with a clever message and interesting visuals will decrease the time needed for potential clients to recognise and remember your brand.

Beat Short-Term Memories

The average consumer can store between five and nine items in his or her short-term memory at any one time. The more often that he or she comes into contact with a piece of information, the more likely that it will eventually become long-term memory. With so little time to get your message across, you must take advantage of the time you have. By utilising this option during each of your adverts, you stand to make far more in regard to returns.

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