The Secrets Of Successful Radio Advertising

If you own a business, are hosting a fundraiser or special event, your first inclination may be to take out a newspaper ad, but there’s another very effective option.  Radio advertising can be a great way to spread the word to a lot of people very quickly.  The trick is knowing how to use radio advertising to your best advantage.

The first thing to do is to get really clear about who your target audience is.  Who is likely to use your product or frequent your business?  Is your company targeted more toward young families, working adults, kids, seniors?  It’s important to understand your target audience in order for your radio advertising efforts to be successful.  You won’t have much success if you market to people who are never going to need or want your business.

Next, research the radio stations in your area to see which one might be the best fit for needs.  There are probably a lot of radio stations in Atlanta GA, for example, but which ones are your target audience listening to?  Listen to the radio ads on various different stations and you’ll soon get a picture of the target audiences of those stations so you can match their target with yours.  Don’t simply opt to advertise on a station you like to listen to.  Just because you enjoy the content on a certain radio station doesn’t mean that your target audience will feel the same way.  Choose stations based on your target audience, not based on what you prefer to listen to.

You’ll also have to consider your budget when choosing a station on which to advertise.  Unless you are familiar with the workings of the radio advertising industry, you probably won’t have any idea how much radio advertising costs.  To find out, your best strategy is to contact the stations you are considering directly.  The sales manager is your best point of contact for this.  They will have a detailed list of rates for you to choose from. Once you have rates from a few different stations you can compared them and see which one best fits within your budget.

Radio can be a very effective medium for advertising.  It reaches a large audience at once, several times per day or week.  People listen to the radio all day long, in their homes, in the cars, at work, at the gym – this is a golden opportunity to get your message across.  And if you can come up with a catchy way to get your message across to a captive audience!  If you can come up with a catchy jingle, for example, people will find themselves humming it throughout their day, which can go a long way toward keeping your business or even top of mind for them.

When consumers go to make decisions about the things they will buy or the businesses they will frequent, they will be much more likely to choose your business if you have been successful in your advertising efforts.  Radio can be a valuable tool in your advertising arsenal, so why not give it a try?

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