The Rise of Online Casinos

Everything that is Online Casinos today, started with an invention most of us won’t even think of when playing our favourite online games; the satellite. In 1957, the world’s first satellite was launched into space by the Soviet Union, creating panic within the American government. This launch was the catalyst to the formation of ARPA (the Advanced Research Projects Academy) which, through their computer skills and technology created ARPANET, which was essentially the first computer network. With this understanding in place, human beings now understood the basics of producing what is now known and loved by many; The Internet.

In our modern day, the Internet is indispensable in our everyday lives, and was essential to the creation of online casinos and online pokies. Due to the fact that casinos have been a part of entertaining the public for centuries, it only made sense for them to commute to the online world.  While the exact date when online casinos started is unsure, it is believed to have been around 1994, when licensing for online casinos was first granted to companies who wished to start their casinos online.

The range of gaming available during those times was limited as the industry was small and the technology new. This, however, is not the case in today’s market, with innovations and ideas to excite every mind. With what started as very simple gaming, quickly grew into the themes, progressive jackpots and competitive gameplay. Online casinos also quickly introduced online betting as well as online poker, broadening the range of ways to play.

Casinos have always been a fantastic means to get all our entertainment desires fulfilled, and with the rise of online casinos such as those thrills could be transported to the convenience of our homes to create ultimate user happiness.

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