Movies On The Run: Legal Downloading and Burning To A DVD

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You want to take your DVDs with you on your vacation. There’s just one little problem. You have 200 different movies. How will they all fit in your suitcase? More than that, you want to have access to them while you’re on the plane and waiting around in the airport on a layover. You can’t really pop a DVD into your iPad or iPhone and start watching, now can you? The solution is to legally download or burn a movie to a DVD.

Buy The Movie

The first thing you need to do is buy a movie legally. Don’t bother downloading movies illegally. Most of the sites that allow this sort of thing are also monitored by the government or local law enforcement anyway. You’re just asking for trouble.

Fortunately, movies aren’t that expensive. You can buy almost anything on iTunes or Amazon and download it to your computer. Once it’s on your hard drive, the sky is the limit. In this case, virtual reality is the limit. OK, now for the DVD burn.

Alternatively, you can buy a movie in DVD format for later burning or backup purposes.

Fire Up Your DVD-Burning Software

Use a DVD burning software. You may find that your computer already has DVD burning software. If not, go for software like Vuze that has an intuitive and easy to use DVD burning feature. Whatever software you decide on, make sure it is legal (i.e. it doesn’t change the format of the movie or break any licensing agreements with the company you bought it from), then use it.

Once the software is fired up, load your downloaded movie into the queue for burning. You’ll need an optical drive that’s capable of burning DVDs or you won’t be able to complete this process. Most new Macbooks do not have a DVD drive. Instead, they expect you to just watch the movie directly from the hard drive. Of course, you can always buy an external optical drive if you want to burn to a DVD. If you have a PC, this isn’t a problem yet. Most PCs still come equipped with DVD writable drives.

Burning The Movie To A DVD or Keeping It On Your Hard Driver

Insert a blank, writable, DVD into the optical drive and start the burning process. The exact process will differ depending on the software you’re using. Most of them are straightforward though. You select the movie you want to burn and click “burn” or “start” to start the burning process.

If you’re using Handbrake to copy a DVD to your hard drive or to another DVD, you just need to click “source” from the top menu and select the option to use a DVD. Browse your hard drive to find the movie. Select the DVD movie. Now click “browse” to the right of “destination” and select the computer desktop folder. Finally, click “start” and wait for the file to be converted.

Open the file that was created and use your DVD-burning software to burn the movie to another DVD or keep it on your hard drive.

That’s it.

Samuel Reyes researches intellectual property laws. He enjoys blogging about navigating the impact of such laws online and how web users can maximize the internet without legal problems.

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