Kids Love Princess and Superhero Themed Birthday Parties (and you should too)

Kids have vivid imaginations and they are always pretending to be super heroes or princesses or cowboys or astronauts.  Some might even imagine themselves a monster or even just an animal in the forest or on the farm.

And similarly, a child’s birthday party can be a magical place where this imagination can run wild.  The party can have a theme that represents that child’s interest at that special place in their life.  In fact, this is why Right Choice Children’s Entertainment companies cast professional actors and actresses to help with birthday parties.


Little girls (and sometimes little boys too) often fancy themselves a princess (or maybe a prince, or a queen, or a knight).  And when they do, it is usually a lot of fun to throw them a princess-themed birthday party.  While they might wear the gown of a Princess like Rapunzel or the armor of a knight like Sir Galahad (or, at least, what they imagine they might be), a princess party wouldn’t be the same without an entertainer who helps to make the dream a little more real.  Parents might even encourage the children invited to dress accordingly as well.

In fact, a princess party is often fun because everyone plays along. From parents to other children, to the hired host (or hostess) of the party, playing dress up helps to build the illusion.  Perhaps it might also involve crowns and maybe even a fairy godmother with a magic wand.


On the other hand, some children—boys and girls alike—fancy themselves a super hero. Whether they are a fan of Spider-Man or Batgirl or maybe even the Fantastic Four, a superhero party might be just the thing to give them a day as a powerful hero with super powers.  These parties can be fun not only because the children in attendance can pretend to be their favorite comic book or movie persona, but they could even invent their own superhero!  Sure, the cake and the streamers and the crazy colors might be a lot of fun, but the real joy is in the interaction.

With a professional party host manning the post, a superhero party could also be a great adventure.  This could be a narrative escapade in which the children will have to band together to overcome an arch-villain holding the cake hostage!  Use your imagination (because the kids sure will)!

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