Google and Facebook take aim at fake news sites

The American election results have been so shocking that the entire world has been rattled. Everything and everyone has been shaken. Social media is being blamed for virally circulating fake news on Hillary Clinton just days before the election. The news is supposed to have caused extreme polarization along party lines. In some of the news the FBI agent that was suspected of leaking the Hillary Clinton emails was said to have been found dead. There are many fake site

The two giant Internet giants made quite a bit of revenue from the “fake news” sites. Both Facebook and Google make money by allowing individuals and organisations to pay to run Ads on their networks. Criticism over the companies’ reluctance to act on fake news sites only mounted after the election results.

To even claim that Facebook who monitor almost everything we do on and off the site didn’t notice the traffic would be shameful. It would be like saying the best online casino does not know its high rollers. Visit to get safe online casinos.

Facebook and Google now prohibit sites that peddle misleading information from using their advertising service.

However it might not be so simple. Facebook speaks of how it aided in the Arab springs that removed dictators such as Gaddafi. If the platform has the ability to influence political events in other countries then why not in their country of origin. Trump is after all a fellow billionaire who is likely push policies that pro big money.

This is not the first American election that Facebook has been implicated of influencing. The first Obama campaign credits Facebook for its victory.

All this is regardless of the fact that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to claim that Facebook cannot influence elections. According to him only a negligible amount of information that Facebook users received before the election was false.

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