Five ways to make money playing games

We all know that play is fun and can be well to fill that leisure time alone or in the company that allow us our obligations. However, there are people who go further and make your hobby a profession. Surely you have ever heard of people who have won a lot of money participating in any competition. But is this the only way we can capitalize on our skills? Perhaps we are unable to create a studio or a distribution company and we are not good enough to have a level of competition. Are there other alternatives? Well actually, and we will suggest a few:

  1. Dedicate yourself to try games in development. It does not take good enough to win a tournament, but it does take perseverance, organizational skills and critical eye. Your job would be to try for hours games that have seen the light in a few months, detect errors and report them to the programmer to correct them. This is a profession where the career is not very long, but you can open many doors in the future if you want to work in the industry. Of course, be prepared to work hard and hate games you thought you loved.

  1. Sell ​​virtual goods for real money. Another major business that has promoted online communities such as “World of Warcraft” it is the sale of virtual items in the “real world.” You can buy a sword, armor or just game gold for real money. If you spend enough time to find and create a store in a web of Internet sales, you can monetize your leisure time in a more than acceptable way. Games like Animal Crossing, LittleBigPlanet, Pokémon or Everquest are full of people buying and selling these virtual objects. Are you surprised that you can make money with something? It is something more serious than it seems, because in countries like China have been forced to ban the exchange of virtual money for real. People have come to amass fortunes between 200 million and 1 billion.
  1. I am a “Game Master” A “Game Master” (or GM) is the link between the gaming community and the company that has produced a game. Its main job is to provide service and support within the game itself; moderating disputes ban users who break the rules and stuff. Companies like Blizzard offer positions under its “World of Warcraft” very well paid which do not require too. Virtually anyone with a PC and an account of the game can submit your resume. Yes, better know English.
  1. Play for money. There are websites like casino Netbet where you can play for money. It is safe, it is legal (for now) and can participate any player in the world, both PC and from your smartphone. Users put their money to be partners, participate in tournaments and win individual game and instead of taking points, take the money.
  1. Professionalizes your game and compete in tournaments is surely not what your parents had in mind when you bought your first computer, but a good option to make money with video games is becoming a professional. The professional player sees the game as an athlete would any sport. They spend a number of hours of training a day honing their skills. They specialize in a game and engage in it to perfection in handling. This hard training not only helps them to participate in tournaments, but to star trailers and demos companies. Once I attended a presentation of hooves in Dolby studies and there were two professional players playing Counter Strike on a movie screen. Obviously, they charged good money to do that presentation, a product that does not have to be related to video games. The professional, like many athletes, can also charge for sponsorship. A brand can pay for using your mouse, with a cap with the logo or use a PC. Surely this is the best way to make money, but also the most demanding. Like any sport.

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