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Five ways to make money playing games

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We all know that play is fun and can be well to fill that leisure time alone or in the company that allow us our obligations. However, there are people who go further and make your hobby a profession. Surely you have ever heard of people who have won a lot of money participating in any competition. But is this the only way we can capitalize on our skills? Perhaps we are unable to create a studio or a distribution company and we are not good enough to have a level of competition. Are there other alternatives? Well actually, and we will suggest a few:

  1. Dedicate yourself to try games in development. It does not take good enough to win a tournament, but it does take perseverance, organizational skills and critical eye. Your job would be to try for hours games that have seen the light in a few months, detect errors and report them to the programmer to correct them. This is a profession where the career is not very long, but you can open many doors in the future if you want to work in the industry. Of course, be prepared to work hard and hate games you thought you loved.

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